Gabriel bonus room

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This was a fun project for a fun family. This used to be their attic off the single bedroom at the top of the stairs. There was an existing bath if you could call it that. Not any more. We replaced the ceiling over the down stairs bedrooms in order to create the floor for this one of a kind Chicago retreat. Now the Gabriel’s can enjoy an adult space off there bedroom upstairs while  the kids sleep below. Special features: Bar or mini kitchen with dishwasher, ref, sink, GD, etc. Wire cut brick wall accents using  [button link=”” text=”dark”]Coronado Stone [/button] products, custom wall niches, Built in entertainment areas, paneled vault ceiling with arched window  and architectural accents, custom ebony cabinetry from [button link=”” text=”dark”]DeWils [/button] , distressed wood flooring by [button link=””]Elegance [/button] and crystal lighting fixtures. See Gabriel Bath for a look at the bathroom created for this space.


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