Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Can Use

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom and save some time and money in the process, here are several remodeling tips you can use.

Add Cabinets

When searching for a contractor, widen your search to include professionals who work on kitchen cabinets in Orange County. Remodeling a bathroom is a great way for you to express yourself and add more appeal to your home. You can add more space by adding storage options in the form of cabinets. Don’t stick to traditional style when choosing cabinets, explore your options and don’t be afraid to ask your contractor for ideas.

Pick a Theme

No matter how much money you plan to spend on your bathroom remodeling project, you should have a theme for the complete project. Even if you have things all thought out, having a theme in place can help you to select materials and designs that will enable you to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Add Some Colorful Personality

Many people assume that their bathroom should be a soothing and peaceful color that makes the room more tranquil. There is nothing wrong with using soft or neutral colors, but you should consider adding colors to give this space more personality. Mix bold and neutral tones together with designs and patterns to add dimension and space to the area. Create borders or focal points with different color schemes to add more character to the room.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

You can also transform the way your bathroom looks and feels by upgrading the fixtures. Old and odd looking fixtures can really drag down your bathroom’s overall appeal, making it look outdated. By upgrading your fixtures when having your bathroom remodeled, you can incorporate new style and function. Try to pick your new fixtures so they mesh well with the new theme of the space. Also consider nontraditional materials and colors.

Add a Vanity

Consider transforming your bathroom sink into a vanity. Vanities offer you the luxury of storage, beauty and convenience. No matter the make or style of vanity you choose, it will immediately give your bathroom an air of class.

Don’t Neglect the Floors

While you’re in the midst of your bathroom remodeling plans, don’t forget to do the floors. All of the renovations in the world won’t mean much if your bathroom floor consist of nothing but old, discolored and worn-out tiles.

Bathroom remodeling can be expensive and time consuming if you don’t take time to plan everything out. If you need advice or motivation, the professionals at Cab-i-net can help. Our experts are eager to assist you.

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Before you rush to hire a kitchen remodeling company, make sure you have a good idea of what you want done. Although your goal may be to transform the room so that it looks more modern, you need to have a clear plan in place as to what needs to be done so you won’t have any unexpected surprises.


Even though you are hiring experts to get things done, you should still do some research on the current trends so you can tell them what you want. Learn about the different kinds of materials you can choose from and what their benefits are, such as marble and porcelain. If you are not quite sure, there is nothing wrong with asking the contactors for ideas, references and inspiration. Remember, you hired them to do a job and the best way to ensure that it gets done right and to your expectations is to research and ask for feedback.

Break the Mold

Don’t feel resigned to stick with the foundation that is already present. Kitchen remodeling is the perfect opportunity for you break the mold and design your kitchen in the manner you want. If you don’t like the current cabinets you have, get rid of them and have some custom cabinets in Orange County installed. If you are not a fan of the floors or the ceiling, get them redone.

Upgrade Appliances

Since you’re in the process of transitioning over to a newer looking kitchen, you should use this opportunity to upgrade to better functioning and efficient appliances. This will help to make your kitchen remodeling project more cost efficient as well.

Improve Lighting

The right lighting can really improve the way your kitchen looks and feels. Instead of leaving the lighting up to a single source that is installed in the center of the room, consider adding multiple sources that are integrated into the ceiling and walls. You can also incorporate lamps and other types of light fixtures throughout the room to immediately add more warmth and light into the area.

Incorporate Color and Textures

No matter what type of remodeling work you are having done, you should incorporate color and texture into the complete picture. A great way to add a mixture of both is to add tiles to the floors, mosaic backsplashes to your counter tops and complementary colors to the walls.

There are many affordable ways for you to give your kitchen a complete makeover. The kitchen remodeling experts at Cab-i-net can help you to design the kitchen of your dreams.

The Fix and Flip

We were approached by our client to help him remodel the kitchen with the objective being a quick sale of the home when we were done. The other thing was obviously to keep the costs down. First thing done was the existing hardwood floors being honey needed a modern update as in Espresso staining. We then used the Society door style in Java and Alabaster finished from Bellmont 1600 series cabinets [button link=”” text=”dark”]Bellmont 1600[/button] to create a classic look that appeals to the masses and the pocket. We then used Absolute Cream granite at the main area of the kitchen to stay in the earth tones. The client purchased a butcher block top from Ikea for the island to help keep the cost down. The back splash was done in a simple white subway tile that again appeals to everyone. Hardware on the cabinets was gun metal black on the Alabaster cabinets and satin nickel on the Java. When accompanied with the stainless appliances, sink, etc we expect this house to sell quick.

Gabriel Attic Conversion

Gabriel bonus room

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This was a fun project for a fun family. This used to be their attic off the single bedroom at the top of the stairs. There was an existing bath if you could call it that. Not any more. We replaced the ceiling over the down stairs bedrooms in order to create the floor for this one of a kind Chicago retreat. Now the Gabriel’s can enjoy an adult space off there bedroom upstairs while  the kids sleep below. Special features: Bar or mini kitchen with dishwasher, ref, sink, GD, etc. Wire cut brick wall accents using  [button link=”” text=”dark”]Coronado Stone [/button] products, custom wall niches, Built in entertainment areas, paneled vault ceiling with arched window  and architectural accents, custom ebony cabinetry from [button link=”” text=”dark”]DeWils [/button] , distressed wood flooring by [button link=””]Elegance [/button] and crystal lighting fixtures. See Gabriel Bath for a look at the bathroom created for this space.

Gabriel bath

No adults play room would be complete without a bathroom. This bath fits the feel of the rest of the Gabriel’s bonus room and is a perfect marriage of the masculine and feminen for this stellar couples retreat. Special features: Nickel sinks and faucets, custom ebony cabinetry by [button link=”” text=”dark”]DeWils[/button] , custom ebony wainscoting to match cabinetry, porcelain wood printed flooring, and marble counters and accents. See Gabriel Attic conversion for a peek at the rest of the space.

Duffy home: A Traditional Cherry Kitchen for A Modern Family

This space used to have a peninsula with the sink situated on the corner windows. By saw cutting the slab we were able to bring the plumbing to the new island and dramatically change the feel and function of this once hum drum space into the space they dreamed of. [button link=”” text=”dark”]DeWils[/button] cabinets in cherry wood with Caffe finish.

Two Toned Old World


The Terrell Family decided to build there dream home in Lake Tahoe Ca and needed a Dream Kitchen to go with it. We came up with this beauty. Using Cherry wood cabinets in two tones by [button link=”” text=”dark”]DeWils[/button] . One painted and one stained with custom distressing and several unique and custom touches this space is where form meets function. Wood hood, paneled appliances, custom wine and liquor cabinet, a true prep island, depth and height changes with one off open shelf and cubby cabinetry. A hammered copper apron front sink, exotic counters, and elegant splash. Detail with a purpose everywhere you look.